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This site focus on the bird migration that occurs over the Bosphorus.The one of our aims is collecting observations that are recorded at Kusbank(Worldbirds),eBird,Dogalhayat and TRAKUS and then tracking them on a map.We will do this for not only observations from Istanbul but also observations from whole Turkey.Everybody can access the daily migration progress in Turkey easily through  this.You can find this maps in “ Reports ” option on the menu.

Our fundamental aim is sharing daily migration process at Bosphorus.Sercan Bilgin,who have taken a part of migration research in Turkey for 6 years and is a founder of this web site,is researching the migration process at Bosphorus for his MSc thesis and he is recording the soaring birds in Istanbul during 72 days.Thanks to him,you can follow news and important facts and events about migration at the Bosphorus.

Moreover,in ” News ” option you can also find lots of interesting things,events and information about migration.We will share about not only soaring bird but also whole migrants.