18.05.2015 – Migration Diary

70th day was hot and foggy. The migration of bee-eater continue, however, the numbers of Common Buzzard and Lesser Spottes Eagle has dramatically decreased. The late White Storks and Honey Buzzard are seen few but regularly and the big part of the migrant consist of white storks. The total number was just a couple of hundreds and the species are honey buzzard, white stork, black stork, common buzzard, lesser spotted eagle, levant sparrowhawk, sparrowhawk, booted eagle, hobby, kestrel, black kite, montagu’s harrier, osprey and white tailed eagle.

IMG_6968Osprey (ringed)

IMG_7047Common Buzzard

IMG_7074Honey Buzzard

IMG_6838White-tailed Eagle

IMG_6993Booted Eagle

IMG_6971Levant Sparrowhawk

IMG_6850Lesser Spotted Eagle

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