The map is ready !

The Bosphorus Migration Blog acquires a new process as from this autumn. Instead of our observations from single-point, we aim to obtain an interactive maps that includes combining observation datas from all around the Turkey.

We tried to remark the importance of the Bosphorus on bird migration and migration pattern over the Bosphorus with daily reports and observations in the spring period.  We decide to take it a step further thanks to your feedbacks. We made a map to clearly understand the migration pattern over Turkey with observation datas. Together with all birdwatchers , we will try to continue this project routinely.

The map ,which includes name of observers, species and numbers, location, is seen and filtrated by anybody.

Besides the other social media accounts,  you could inform us for your records from the part in the website ” There is a migratory bird! “.

You could access the map from here :


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