11.03.2015 – Migration Diary

The rapid increase of the number of migrants happens earlier than we assume. Although the important part of the migrants comprised the Common Buzzards, there were few White Storks. In addition, Common Kestrel, Sparrowhawk and Booted Eagle are recorded for the first time for this study. The foggy weather affected the counting from time to time; because of this some birds couldn’t be counted. The number of the whole birds that counted is approximately 2000. According to old studies,the numbers will continue to increase rapidly. The reason of this directly associated with the changing of the weather conditions. Meteorology is predicting the rain beginning from the south of Turkey. Tomorrow, the birds that escape from the rain will probably soar intensely, like today.


img_9432Common Buzzards in the fog




img_9551White Storks


img_9451Flock of buzzard

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