13.03.2015 – Migration Diary

On the 4th day,the number of the birds is as expected;the total number is over 2,000.Common Buzzards have an important role on this number,but the number of White Storks is starting to increase.In addition to Common Buzzard and White Stork,there was also Sparrowhawk and the first time of this study Black Stork,Marsh Harrier and Imperial Eagle.Dynamism on the migration has started in the afternoon and continued on and off.Tomorrow will be not a good day for migration in the case of the precipitation affect on Istanbul as meteorologist estimate.Even the best condition,I estimate that the number will be lower than today.

10984523_10152855989868795_545251653728048176_oWhite Storks

11008815_10152855989863795_5533381655393247917_oMarsh Harrier

11011304_10152855989878795_2513476749067400187_oCommon Buzzard

11046834_10152855989858795_8573724769292390050_oA flock of Common Buzzards

11059809_10152855989873795_5052285553360525019_oImperial Eagle

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