22.03.2015 – Migration Diary

13th day of the study was not only sunny but also windy. Although the air temperature has increased,the wind leaded us to feel cold. The  mobility of migration contunied from the early morning to evening. Probably,the high northern wind wafted migrants to the north side of the Bosphorus therefore we couldn’t count lots of migrant,especially White Storks which crossed from norther side. The number of whole migrants that are counted is over 5,000.The today’s species are White Stork, Common Buzzard, Short-toed Snake Eagle, Greater Spotted Eagle, Lesser Spotted Eagle, Sparrowhawk, Long-legged Buzzard, Hen Harrier, Black Kite, Steppe Eagle, Imperial Eagle, Kestrel and Booted Eagle. I estimate that in the older studies about Bosphorus Bird Migration,lots of Greater Spotted Eagle wasn’t identified properly. However; I don’t think this number is large as much as today we saw. Moreover, if somebody had told me that in spring migration there were about 20 Greater Spotted Eagle in one day, I wouldn’t belive this! To belive this, I must see whole birds and take all of them’s photo; this is exactly what happened in today! Here below,you can see the photos. The mobility will continue tomorrow as I expacted.

IMG_0522Greater Spotted Eagle

IMG_0677Greater Spotted Eagle

IMG_0408Greater Spotted Eagle

IMG_0711Greater Spotted Eagle

IMG_8733Imperial Eagle


IMG_0390Common Buzzard

IMG_0657Short-toed Snake Eagle

IMG_0694A Flock of White Stork

IMG_8759A Flock of White Stork

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