25.03.2015 – Migration Diary

16th day was not only sunny but also windy. According to observers record; it is definitively seem that migrants concentrated on the southern side because of high northern winds. About 2,000 migrants are counted today, the important group of them comprised of White Storks. The intensity was more before 12:00. Today’s birds are respectively White Stork,Common Buzzard,Sparrowhawk,Short-toed Snake Eagle,Hen Harrier,Marsh Harrier,Lesser Spotted Eagle,Black Stork,Greater Spotted Eagle,Black Kite,Kestrel,Goshawk and Pallid Harrier. The mobility will continue tomorrow as I expected. If the weather is getting hotter and wind will be less efficient, migrants could use the northern side intensely. Moreover;in between 26-31 March,there wil be ” 2. Bird Migration Festival “ and our new book,”Birds of Istanbul” also will be there. You can obtain during the festival freely.

11033090_10152882894178795_2014155970_o Kestrel

10571530_10152882894248795_833859219_oWhite Stork

10946087_10152882894183795_168924862_oA flock of White Stork

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