27.03.2015 – Migratory Diary

18th day was warm and the weather was overcast. In the morning, the expected rain didn’t occur; it started at about 14:20. Because of the downpour that started at about 16:20, the observation be obliged to finish. In general, the weather was not rainy as weather forecast said therefore the extensite passing that started yesterday has continued today. The total number was approximately 10,000,big part of this comprises again White Storks. First time for this study, the number of Lesser Spotted Eagles was over 1,000 and this number, as I expected, will increase in the upcoming days. Today’s species are White Stork, Common Buzzard, Lesser Spotted Eagle, Sparrowhawk, Short-toed Eagle, Black Stork, Black Kite, Booted Eagle, Hen Harrier, Marsh Harrier, Kestrel and Peregrine Falcon. If thee weather conditions will allow tomorrow, the passsing will continue like today,as I estimate. However, the passing could not be as extensive as today, probably the migrant which can arrive between the edges of Kocaeli and Istanbul can seen tomorrow. The passerine migration that has increased for 2 days will continue tomorrow with a high degree of probability.

11086082_10152886682128795_862553273_o Lesser Spotted Eagle

11105676_10152886682063795_1398744086_o Lesser Spotted Eagle

11086103_10152886682048795_1735518896_o Peregrine Falcon

11078647_10152886682288795_998519060_o Lesser Spotted Eagle

11086844_10152886682198795_512386164_o (1) Black Kite

11096792_10152886682133795_288470299_o (1)Booted Eagle

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