28.03.2015 – Migration Diary

19th day was chilly and muggy from the early morning to about 14:00. After, the view and the weather conditions got better. The expected rain for morning didn’t occur. The total number was about 5,000. Today’s species are respectively White Stork, Common Buzzard, Lesser Spotted Eagle, Short-toed Snake Eagle, Sparrowhawk, Black Stork, Booted Eagle, Greater Spotted Eagle, Pallid Harrier and Black Kite. In the upcoming days; because of the irregular precipitation that occur the migration route the movement will may be irregular, as I estimate.

11103837_10152888712728795_316663753_o Short-toed Snake Eagle

11086082_10152888712733795_1048294466_o White Stork

11103538_10152888712678795_382718313_o Greater Spotted Eagle

11093990_10152888712593795_522511933_oPallid Harrier

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