Importance of the Bosphorus

The Bosphorus is one of the most important migration hotspots for the Western Palearctic.Approximately one million soaring birds cross the Bosphorus annually.Soaring birds tend to migrate over the land,for using thermal convection.They try to across over seas with the minimum exceptions.However;if it is indispensable,they try to use the narrowest point where the lands are very close to each other.For this reason,bottlenecks have a very important role on the migration.The Bosphorus is considerably important hotspot for migrants that migrate on the Africa-Europe line.

The first 5 species that record in high number are systematically listed as Black Stork,White Stork,Honey Buzzard,Lesser Spotted Eagle and Common Buzzard.The most significant species for the Bosphorus is Lesser Spotted Eagle.The considerable parts of their population across over the Bosphorus.Moreover;lots of threatened species use here such as Dalmatian Pelican(VU),Egyptian Vulture(EN),Cinereous Vulture(NT),Greater Spotted Eagle(VU),Imperial Eagle(VU),Pallid Harrier(NT),Red Kite(NT),Red-footed Falcon(NT) and Saker Falcon(EN).

38186Egyptian Vulture – photo by Arslan Kezer